October is a month fulfilled of Arts in Newark…

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Newark Arts Council

Newark Arts Council

Open Doors Citywide Arts Festival

More Info at http://newarkarts.org/opendoors-2014/

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Photography Exhibition at Essex County College…

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The Africana Institute at Essex County College is presenting an art photography exhibition featuring the work of Paul Chinnery, and Erik James Montgomery from their joint project called The Black Face Experience. Exhibition will be on view through October, 2014.

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4 days of great art in the heart of Newark…

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Inter-Collegiate Media Film

Inter-Collegiate Media Film

One Way to Produce Conceptual Illustrations…

September 28, 2014 Leave a comment

Sometimes when people look at the final product of an illustrator, they do not imagine the process behind the production of that illustration.

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Finding meanings of your life with simplicity and passion (photography video)

August 5, 2014 Leave a comment

I found this great video from Valeriie Liin. Although photography is one of the main topics, I think the message can be applied to others fields of visual arts. It can be a example of connecting who you are and what are you passionate for.

The Cameras We Bring from Fidelity Format on Vimeo.

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The Art of the Brick Exhibition…

June 20, 2014 Leave a comment

While I was walking by Times Square in NYC something got my attention quickly. It was an advertisement with the image of those little block which I played a lot in my childhood. Indeed, I was a LEGO’s fan who enjoyed building vehicles, buildings, and bridges among others. The ads was about an exhibition made with LEGO’s bricks. I was not able to stay that day but I’m planning to visit it. I think is pretty interesting in terms of creativity and artistic composition.

The Art of the BrickArt of the Brick

For more info click here

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NY Comic Con – Gently Reminder

June 20, 2014 Leave a comment

For those who enjoy the arts related with the world of comics, tickets for the New York Comic Con have been sold progressively in certain dates. So that, be aware of that in order to avoid miss the event. Indeed, there are not longer available some types of tickets (see image).


Comic Con 2014


For more info about what the Comic Con is check it out here

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