Why Artists Should Have a Portfolio?

Artists use to be creative, innovative, passionate. They can see things that other do not. Artists find different ways to communicate ideas, messages, emotional states, and also events through arts. So, an artist who do not expose their work to others is -in certain way- wasting his/her talent. In fact, try to imaging how to really appreciate and understand an art’s book that does not contain any image and/or illustration.

Making a portfolio help artists to:

  1. Show talents and skills to others,
  2. Earn social and artistic recognition,
  3. Get feedback,
  4. Attract potential clients (Galleries, Buyers, among others)

The Newark Public Library will be hosting a event related:

Art Portfolio Review and Resource Fair
Saturday, October 27, 2012, 1:00–4:00pm
Centennial Hall, Main Library, 2nd Floor
5 Washington Street
Newark, NJ 07102

Organized by NPL’s Special Collections and Reference Divisions, to provide art organizations an opportunity to educate visitors about places to show art, see art, sell art, and make art in Newark. Curators and other art professionals will also be providing free portfolio reviews for Newark Library cardholders. For additional information about participating in the fair or arranging a portfolio review, please contact Jared Ash at (973) 733–7745.

Additionally, for those who have their artworks already converted/save in digital devices (CD, DVD  USB drives, hard drives, among others) there are some cool websites who provide free hosting for online portfolios such as:

  •  Carbon Made which allow Artists to build up to 5 projects with a maximum of 35 files for free. (Upgrade for more space require a $12 monthly fee)
  • Folio HD  which allow Artists to upload up to 36 files for free. (Upgrade for 1000 uploads require a $9 monthly fee)
  • Behance apparently does not have limits for uploads
  • Shownd Free membership grants 75 images, 15 audio files, 25 Flash files, and 25 videos, also offers others additional option such as watermark your images, upload your resume, job listings, among others. Premium membership cost $5 monthly.
  • Crevado apparently does not have limits for uploads.